Today, Turkey has some high goals that are taking shape with the comprehensive and correctly-determined strategies under the heading of 2023 Export Strategy target. One of the sectors that make efforts to attain these targets involves the exporters producing flour, yeast and ingredients .

In order for the cereals, pulses, oil seeds and products sector to achieve the 2023 export target of USD 13.7 billion under Turkey’s 2023 Export Strategy, it is necessary for the flour, yeast and ingredients sector to raise its exports from USD 1.3 billion in the year 2011 to USD 2.5 billion level.

Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Group for which the Central Anatolian Exporters Union General Secretariat acts as the secretariat will work towards conveying the products covered by the Promotion Group to the world markets under the “Turkish Brand”.


The Promotion Group will particularly accelerate the communications activities geared towards the target markets and potential markets, acting as a spokesman for the sector with its initiatives for brand building, advertisement-promotion, marketing and similar fields.

Wheat flour leads the pack in terms of export size in the activities to be carried out by the Promotion Group, followed by such other products/product lines as yeast, starch for which side strategies will be developed for related brand building activities. In other words exporters of breads, crispbreads and other toasted products, bran, breakfast cereals, cereals bars, cereals grains worked post hulling, malt extract, meal, starch and malt extracts, yeast and baking powders, starches, soups and broths will work towards increasing their shares in the world markets over a basic strategy.

The first goal of Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Group was to draw up a Strategic Plan that would form the road map for the sector, and it took the first step in this direction with the Strategic Plan Workshop.

Established with the aim of conveying Turkish flour, yeast and ingredients to the world markets with the “Turkish” brand, Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Group held its first Workshop on 13-14 October 2012 in Ankara with a view to drawing up a Strategic Plan that is of the nature of a road map for the sector.

The strengths and weaknesses of the sector and the opportunities Turkey has in the world markets were discussed at the Strategic Plan Workshop attended by 33 representatives from 30 firms operating in the flour, yeast and ingredients sector.


Mr. Turgay ÜNLÜ, Chairman of the Promotion Group, said that they would work with a view to offering the abundant crops of our country which is the homeland of wheat to the world markets with the “Turkish” brand, and that the sector’s long-standing experience and know-how geared towards the said goal constituted the strongest aspect of the Strategic Plan.

Noting that the Promotion Group’s activities would make it possible to carry out more actively the brand building, positioning and institutional communications processes for the Turkish flour, yeast and ingredients, Mr. Ünlü emphasized that they would follow up the implementation of the sub-strategies geared towards starch, yeast and other product lines.

Mr.Ünlü said that they aimed to raise our country’s export figures much higher by joining forces in the sector, and that he believed “Turkey which produces the world’s flour” would give a significant performance towards the 2023 Export Strategy target.

The sectoral representatives that participated in the Workshop emphasized that the sector which occupies the first place in the world is strong enough to remove the barriers before reaching wider and bigger markets, and that the cooperation required to this end would be provided under the umbrella of Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Group